Glazed porcelain patchwork tiles – the Sorbonne Range

Glazed porcelain patchwork tiles

Our Glazed Porcelain patchwork tiles are available in both 597x597mm and 300x300mm sizes. Striking and evocative, the larger of tiles are suitable for medium floors and walls and is very popular in commercial settings. The 300x300mm size has been designed for use in smaller spaces and is frequently used in domestic interiors.

This patchwork tile is a striking mixture of colour and pattern which embodies the feeling of Paris.  This individual style on tile draws heavily on the design notes present in the Latin Quarter of Paris.The name ‘Sorbonne’ is actually derived from the local area, in the 5th and the 6th arrondissements of Paris. It is situated on the left bank of the Seine, around the Sorbonne.

Patchwork Tiles

These tiles form a visually stimulating mix of styles and colours which create a beautiful effect when placed together. In the same way as a patchwork quilt brings together an eclectic mix of styles to create a harmonious whole, the Sorbonne range of tiles from H&E Smith enables you to create a highly individual design statement that draws the eye. With two distinct sizes in the range our glazed porcelain patchwork tiles are equally at home in large open areas or smaller corners.


The Sorbonne range of glazed porcelain patchwork tiles is available in both the Grey Décor range as shown in the bathroom illustration above as well as the close, warm tones of the popular Mix Décor range. Use as you see fit in your own projects to create a unique design statement and bring to mind the wistful chic of old France.

These tiles are PEI V  Rated – Ceramic tile suggested for all residential floors, medium commercial floors and wall applications.

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