Underpass Refurbishment with Tiles

Underpass Refurbishment

Customer feedback on the use of our tiles for an underpass refurbishment

“As part of our underpass refurbishment scheme we were tasked with finding a solution to make the underpass a brighter, more attractive route for both its regular users and the city’s tourists. H&E Smith helped us to achieve this by providing high quality tiles to our specification and exacting size requirements due to the complex characteristics of the structure they were to be installed on. From our initial contact with H&E Smith right through to the end of the project they were very professional, able to offer us advice and sent us samples to help select the best tiles for this application. We were very pleased with the high quality and cost effectiveness of the tiles which were delivered promptly after placing our order, this helped ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. ”

Jake Tamsett

Project Support Officer, Canterbury City Council

*photographer Agnese Sanvito.