Our range of modern ceramic period tiles for walls offer a choice of colours incorporating a series of elegant cornices and mouldings. This period range, evoking classic 19th Century designs is complemented by a functional and smart selection of solid glazed ceramic corner fittings to match the field tiles.

If you are domestic customer wanting a small order of Period Embossed tiles, please visit our sister website firetile.co.uk

Period Embossed Victorian Tiles Range

We have a beautiful selection of 25 period shades which can be viewed below.  

Samples are free of charge to architects and designers, however shipping costs may apply to countries outside of the UK. You will be advised of shipping costs once we receive your sample requests.

If you prefer to purchase full size samples, please email sales@hesmith.co.uk with your request.

N.B: These period tile swatches below are for illustration only. We’ve used the Metro tile image to show the colour flow of the tiles. To view a true colour likeness, please order a cut sample.

Click the individual colours below to order a tile sample (maximum 10 samples).

View Period Embossed Designs

Please note: Shading and variations within the glaze are inherent characteristics of traditional produced ceramic wall tiles. It is essential to lay the tiles out prior to fixing in good light to ensure an acceptable blend.

Oxide containing glazes will naturally craze over time and is typical characteristic of traditionally manufactured ceramic tiles. If oxide containing glazed tiles are to be used in areas with prolonged water contact, such as showers, we recommend water proofing. Only tiles of this type that have been treated are recommended.

Please contact us for more information on period tiles prior to ordering.

Tiles & Borders

All designs of tiles, borders, dados, skirtings and corners are shown below. Minimum order quantities do apply to some fittings, you will be advised on requesting a quote.

Apple Plain Tile

Plain Tile Multiple Sizes

4”x4”/ 6”x1”/ 6”x1.5”/ 6”x2”/ 6”x3”/ 6”x6”/ 8”x4”/9”x3”/ 9”x6”
Apple Metro Tile

Metro Tile 75x75mm

Apple Metro Tile

Metro Tile 150x75mm

Apple Plain 6x3

Plain/Metro Tile 6×3″

Imperial Leaf Tile

Imperial 6″x6″ Tile

Apple Royal Windsor Quarter Tile

Royal Windsor 6″x6″ Quarter

Apple Thistle Border Tile

Thistle 6″x3″ Moulding

Apple Floral Tile

Floral 9″x6″ Tile

Apple Garland Border Tile

Garland Border 6″x6″ Tile

Apple Leaf Tile

Leaf 6″x3″ Moulding

Apple Pomegranate Tile

Pomegranate 9″x6″ Tile

Apple Medalion

Medalion 6″x6″ Tile

Apple Rosette Border Tile

Rosette Border 6×4″

Apple Minor Pendant Dropper Tile

Minor Pendant Dropper 6″x6″

Apple Minor Pendant

Minor Pendant 6″x6″

Apple Cable Tile

Cable 6″x1.5″ Moulding

Apple Dentil Tile

Dentil 8″

Apple Lozenge Tile

Lozenge 6″x1″ Moulding

Apple Crown Tile

Crown 6″x1.5″Molding

Apple Rope Border Tile

Rope 6″x1.5″ Moulding

Dados & Skirtings

Apple Wheatsheaf Tile

Wheatsheaf 6″x3″ Moulding

Apple Edwardian Dado Tile

Edwardian 6″x3″ Dado

Apple Georgian Dado Tile

Georgian 6″x3″ Dado

Apple Royal Garland Dado Tile

Royal Garland 6″x3″ Dado

Apple Fluted Dado

Fluted 9″x3″ Dado

Apple Skirting Tile

Skirting 6″x6″ Tile

Apple Dado Tile

 Dado 9″x2″

Apple Fluted Skirting

Fluted 9″x3″ Skirting

Apple Classic Moulding

Classic 6″x3″ Moulding


Apple Classic Corner Tile

Classic 3″ Corner

Apple Crown Corner Tile

Crown 1.5″ Corner

Apple Cable Corner Tile

Cable 1.5″ Corner

Apple Leaf Corner Tile

Leaf 3″ Corner

Apple Thistle Corner Tile

Thistle 3″ Corner

Apple Skirting Corner Tile

Skirting 6″ Corner

Apple Straight Corner Tile

3″/6″ Straight Corner

Apple Quad Corner Tile

Quad 6″x1″ Corner

Apple Fluted Dado Corner Tile

Fluted Dado 3″ Corner

Apple Georgian Corner

Georgian Corner 3″

Apple Fluted Skirting Corner

Fluted Skirting 3″ Corner

Apple Royal Garland Dado Corner Tile

Royal Garland Dado 3″ Corner

Apple Quadrant Curved Tile

Quadrant Corner 4.5″x3″

Period Embossed Brochure & Sample Folder

Period Embossed Brochure Image
Download Period Embossed Brochure

If you are an architect or specifier working on a project, please email H&E Smith on sales@hesmith.co.uk to request our showcase folder of Period Embossed Tiles or send your request via our contact form.

Period Embossed Sample Folder Image
Product Catalogue Period Embossed

Period Embossed Product Catalogue

Download our Period Embossed Product Catalogue to view larger images of our Period Embossed range.

Download Product Catalogue
Download Brochure Download Catalogue Technical Data

Click on the images above that interest you. You will be able to view more information on your selected tile and request a sample*.

*Sample binders will be provided where available, otherwise small colour match samples will be supplied. 

Please be advised when ordering samples that tiles in this range may be subject to a minimum order quantity of 15m²