Metro Tiles otherwise known as Underground Tiles are a classic period tile that has become an increasingly popular wall tile in recent times. We manufacture and supply a metro tile range in a beautiful range of lustrous colours.

Please Note: We do not advise using these tiles in a wet area where prolonged water contact may occur.

Tiles in the Metro Range

Please note these swatches are for illustration only. To view a true colour likeness, please order a sample. 

Available Sizes

Metro Tile Sizes

The popular Metro tile has a bevelled edge. If you are looking for a flat Metro tile, then take a look at the 6×3 plain tile in our Period Embossed range.

Metro Tile and London Underground Tile Examples

The words “Metro Tile” and “London Underground Tile” are sometimes used interchangeably. Metro tiles originally got their name from the distinctive ceramic tiles which were used on the walls of both the London Underground and the many New York City subway stations built around the turn of 20th century.

Despite their period origins, they have come to be used by creative interior designers and architects to create a very distinctive modern look, due in no small part to their clean lines and uniform appearance. The neat shape of these tiles means that you can never overuse them. For example, they can be used to create an entire bathroom without them looking too much. The can also create a beautiful minimalist feel highly reminiscent of their 19th Century usage. While metro tiles and subway tiles are similar in many ways, there are some key differences.

Metro Tiles are raised, bevelled tiles that have a clean, diagonal edge and raised centre, available in 150mm x 75mm and 75mm x 75mm. Underground Tiles are typically larger, with a flat front, including the 9 x 3 inch format. H&E Smith can supply both types of tile. Contact us for further information.

Project: Giraffe

Raised, Bevelled Tiles make a dramatic design statement and create a superb centre of interest in any interior. Giraffe Restaurant used them here to create a really distinctive bar area. Metro tile is a great choice for these kind of features. Angular, bevelled edges catch light from all directions and throw extra attention on the areas of a room intended to be the centres of interest.

See additional images of this Metro Tile project.

Metro Tiles - Giraffe Restaurant

Project: London Underground Tiles

London Underground Tiles – From the mid 1980’s, H & E Smith have been manufacturing bespoke glazed ceramic tiles and Fainze (moulded tiles) for London Underground refurbishment projects at a number of stations. Made to a very high standard, these tiles are designed to be easy to clean, long lasting and have plenty of visual appeal!

London Underground Tiles

Project: Ben Sherman

We can also supply these distinctive wall tiles direct to the public and they have been used for various projects, including retail interiors for Ben Sherman who perfectly captured a “London Look” in-store by using these tiles.

See additional images of this Underground Tile Project.

London Underground Tiles - Ben Sherman Tiling Project

These tiles work really well in conjunction with other interior design elements, for example, natural wood furniture and accessories. As is often the case, the contrast between the bright, neat architectural lines and the natural shape and surface of the wood creates a strong design statement. This partnership of the contrasting elements adds character and interest to interiors.

The arrangement of tiles is also up for consideration before embarking on a project using metro tiles – do you want to opt for a conventional to brick configuration when applying metro tiles or might you create a more distinctive design by laying them horizontally or vertically. For those of a more daring nature, you might even consider some of the more unusual tile laying options such as Running Board, Basket Weave Subway or Stack bond, or Herringbone formations.

Finally, Metro Wall Tile is as timeless as it is versatile, making it the ideal choice for any style of kitchen or bathroom. These tiles are often used to take the clinical harshness of a clean modern look, which can sometimes look a little stark, or they may be used to add an interesting feature wall to a more traditional bathroom. White brick tiles like metro tile can unify the numerous design elements of a bathroom that is bursting in architectural and design features and perfectly compliment a patterned floor. By providing neat, ordered lines and they provide structure and help to avoid a “cluttered” look. With all these advantages, it should really come as no surprise that these tiles remain one of the UK’s favourite tiles, and it seems very likely to remain in this spot in the nations heart for the foreseeable future!

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