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Ragno, Italian tile manufacturer has been a leader in ceramic and stoneware wall and floor coverings for many decades.

As an official supplier of Ragno products, we can offer a wide range of design options for your next project. Porcelain wall and floor tiles from Ragno can be used for all manner of commercial settings to create something quite special.

If you need a specific finish, colour or traffic level requirement, please let us know and we can let you know what matches your needs. Enquiry Form >

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With four different subjects that create highly expressive decorative patterns for use on both walls and floors, which can be combined with five colours.

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Nine shades play with the regularity of form, the shine of the glaze on surfaces with a vibrant chromatic consistency created by the almost infinite patterns.

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Light and colour are combined in an intense collection available in three shades – Bianco, Verde and Blu – to capture all the charm of the Amalfi Coast.

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Realstone Navigli

Chromatic expressiveness and tactile richness. Realstone_Navigli is inspired by the surface created by mixing fragments of Ceppo di Gré and cement.


The Glacé collection by Ragno comprises 6 natural colours and a three-dimensional structure available in every shade.

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Six colours and three in-line decorations enriched with a tactile contribution of glossy grit obtained through Touch technology.


Woodmania blends the nobility of wood with a decided openness to the latest design trends. 

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Realstone Slate

Surfaces that express the essence of nature. Ragno interprets the material strength of slate, generating a unique porcelain stoneware surface.