Westminster Victorian Floor Tiles – A series of fine porcelain geometric floor tiles supplied individually or on glass fibre mesh backing in 300x300mm panels to ensure precise uniform joints of 4mm and a perfect alignment. This product is ideal for high traffic areas which require anti-slip floor tiles such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, shopping malls and bars.

Images below are supplied by Topcer to show the different options available.

Below are examples of  detailed mesh panel designs. These designs can be customised with other colours from the range, however we would need to check availability and lead times before confirming an order. Click on a design to view a larger image.

Example Fittings Available

Westminster Chequers Tile


Westminster Guildford Tile


Westminster Henley Border Tile


Westminster Henley Corner Tile


Westminster Lisbon Border Tile


Westminster Lisbon Corner Tile


Westminster Octagon Tile


Westminster Richmond Tile



Westminster Strand Corner


Example Mesh Panels


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Why Choose Victorian Hallway Tiles?

When you think of an interior design there are certain elements that people involved in home improvement projects take for granted, yet overlook to their own cost. The hallway, sometimes the last room homeowners target when it comes to home improvements. People often want their kitchen re-fitted, new sofas or their bathroom modernising. Many people think a hallway is simply a room we pass through, each day…

…yet it’s the first room that makes an impact on visitors!

First impressions really do count, both in terms of personal presentation and of your property. Like it or not, people form judgements very quickly. Clearly, the first place people typically encounter in a house is your hallway. This becomes even more important when it comes to selling your home. If you are looking to add value to your property, consider that prospective buyers make their minds up quickly on whether your home is ‘worth it’  based on their first subjective impressions.

Pulling up old, warped floorboards or tired carpets and laying down Victorian hallway tiles in a period property is an excellent technique of adding character to your home and making your hall a space you will appreciate passing through. Estate agents love nothing more than adding ‘Period Features’ to a property listing to gain immediate interest. In addition to the improvements in design and mood, Victorian hallway tiles are a hard-wearing and practical choice for the main entrance into the rest of your property.

Black and White Floor Tiles

Classic looking black and white floor tiles are well suited to properties constructed during the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras. For those keeping up with the shifts in trends in the interior design world, you might have noticed that there has been a strong resurgence in the use of minimalist and monochrome colour schemes.

Always a classic choice, these interiors can be entirely monochrome, or accented with feature colours in key areas for contrast. This design principle is often employed in art galleries and exhibitions where the structural elements of the interior are kept clean and uncluttered in order to draw the eye to key objects of interest. In the same way, by taking out colour, key features of the other interior decor is highlighted.

To create the look, try pairing unglazed Victorian Black and White tiles with matching border straight and corner panels. The borders we supply come mounted on a mesh for ease of installation. As a consequence, you will have an easy solution to for creating complex Victorian hallway tile designs that can be installed accurately and cost-effectively.

The sections of tiles we provide are able to tessellate with one another to create decorative traditional and contemporary hallway tile designs.