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Tiles in the Eco-Glazed Brick Slip Range

Our Eco-Glazed Brick Slip range is produced from recycled Welsh slate, which is fired to form a 215x65x15mm (+/-2mm) brick slip. The brick slip is then glazed and re-fired to produce a durable and highly decorative product for external and internal applications.

Eco-Glazed Brick Slips are made from a blend of recycled Welsh slate and locally sourced Etruria clay. A great product, sustainably sourced, thereby reducing pollution and waste in the process.

We now have 18 standard brick slip colours available, however, almost any colour from the RAL selector or Pantone colour finder can be applied if required. Custom colours are subject to a minimum order quantity of 10m². Please note that matt and opaque glazes may not be available in brick slip colours. Please note custom colours could have a longer lead time as a sample shade needs to be produced and agreed ahead of production. Contact our sales office for exact details: 

Important: Please download the technical data sheet before calculating the quantity of brick slips required.

Brick Slips Gallery

Brick Slips Colour Range

Please note these swatches are for illustration only. To view a true colour likeness, please order a sample.

Click the individual colours to order a sample (maximum 10 samples) or request a ‘brick slip sample box’ using the form on our contact page.

Cut samples are free of charge to architects and designers, however shipping costs may apply to countries outside of the UK. You will be advised of shipping costs once we receive your sample requests.

If you would prefer to buy full size brick slip samples, please email your order to

Eco-Glazed Brick Slip Brochure

Glazed brick slips are a superb choice for creating distinctive feature walls and are regularly used for both internal and external applications. They can be used as a hard wearing and attractive alternative to the frequently used salt glazed bricks which can still be seen on many period properties.

Eco Glazed Brick Slip Brochure Cover
Eco-Glazed Brickslips - Download Brochure

Eco-Glazed Brick Slip Samples

H&E Smith glazed brick slips have a number of attractive attributes which are worth taking into account when choosing the best materials to use on a project. Our glazed brick slips are manufactured in the UK and have a beautiful glossy finish.

We manufacture our brick slip in a range of traditional as well as more modern colour options, including our popular white brick tiles in order to meet the varying requirements of the designers and architects we frequently work with. If you are an architect or specifier working on a project, please head over to our Eco-Glazed Brick Slip website to order your samples. 


Additional Fittings Available

Brick Slips - Fittings - Half tile

Header Tile

Field Tile


Brick Slips - Fittings - pistol corner


Brick Slips - Fittings - curved corner

Curved Corners

(Outer corner)

Brick Slips - Fittings - curved inner corner

Curved Corners*

(Inner corner)

Round Edge Short

Round Edge Short

Round Edge Long

* This fitting is available in limited colours, please check before ordering.

Please note: All brick slip edges that are traditionally grouted will not be fully glazed. If you require something different, please let us know when placing your order.

Creating Design Accents

H&E Smith are proud of the range of applications to which architects and specifiers have put our eco glazed brick slips to in their creative interior and exterior projects. Our site features a number of examples of installations featuring these tiles.

These design accents can be employed to create a dramatic and hard wearing  statement and are suitable for use in a wide variety of settings. Glazed brick slips are an increasingly popular tile with many clients and have become the wall covering of choice in numerous bespoke interior design projects.

How Our Customers Are Using Brick Slips

While not everyone may have heard of ‘brick slips’, chances are they have seen them hundreds of times in homes, shops and restaurants without even realising what they were looking at! In order to create striking interior or exterior architectural finishes, very thin facings of brick or glazed tile are frequently used.

These brick slip tiles are applied to a wall in order to produce a high quality brick or tiled wall finish.  As these thin surface facings are lighter and cheaper to produce than using solid blocks, they have become an extremely popular building and design resource for architects and specifiers alike.

Eco-Glazed Brick Slips are particularly useful, and are very useful from a design perspective. Reasons for this include both the wide colour range available and smooth, lustrous surface finish, suitable for interior or exterior use. H&E Smith have worked with a number of architects and designers to create striking and evocative architectural features for a number of prestigious clients.

Below are featured some of the projects we have worked on that showcase these versatile products:

Brick Slips For Home Exterior Design

An increasingly popular trend is to use brick slips to create a focal point visible from the rear of the house. As properties are being extended, brick slips are added to the outer wall to add the feeling of a grand entrance into the house from the garden area.

brick slips used on house exterior by architect
brick slips used on house exterior by architect

Project: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A tiling project undertaken for the Gourmet Burger Kitchen by H & E Smith. Green glazed tiles were applied to the walls next to individual tables to create discrete seating areas. Used in conduction with period brass light fittings a design that effectively fused modern practicality with traditional design notes was created.See further images from this project.

Gourmet Burger Restaurant
Eco Glazed Brick Slips

Project: Manchester University Student Union

These tiles are suitable for exterior use, due to their resistance to heat and cold and tough glazed surface. Manchester University Student Union used signal yellow eco-glazed brick slip tiles to create a striking and inviting entrance area.See further images from this project.

Manchester Students Union
Brick Slip Tiles

Project: Joule’s Brewery, Market Drayton

A tiling project undertaken for the Joule’s Brewery. As a maker of traditional ales, Joule’s brand values focus on Old English style pubs. They state that “pubs which have served communities for centuries, which connect us to our fellow countrymen, and also to our past, a reminder of simpler times and the bonds we share.”

Heritage and traditional values are an essential element of their brand and they chose to use our eco glazed brick slip tiles in conjunction with bare brick to convey that mood within their interior design.See further images from this project.

Joule's Brewery
Joules Brewery Restaurant
Download Brochure Technical Data Fixing Instructions

Click on the images above that interest you. You will be able to view more information on your selected tile and request a sample*.

*Sample binders will be provided where available, otherwise small colour match samples will be supplied. 

Please be advised when ordering samples that tiles in this range may be subject to a minimum order quantity of 15m²