A striking tiled border to sliding patio doors

Tiled sliding patio door surround

“Morning Shayne

Anna saw them installed last Friday and was completely delighted. As were the Clients. A few quick snaps are attached. We will be getting professional photos taken in due course to do them justice…

I had seen them in their boxes, and the variation and depth in the colour was gorgeous. Thank you so much for your dedication to developing the colour and tone. It was a wonderful process.

I will be sure to be in touch as soon as I see them.

Thanks again.

Best wishes

Melissa Beasley
Architect / Director

Beasley Dickson Architects

“Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much for the images and glad to hear everyone is happy with the end result, it looks stunning!

I’ve passed the image over to my staff who are always asking about the projects they work on.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Shayne Brammer
Technical Director

H & E Smith Ltd

“Hi Shayne

Following on from Melissa’s email below, we have now received the professional photographs of the project and thought you and your team might like to see them. The client continues to be delighted with the tiles and we are so proud of the final result…

I have attached a selection of the professional photos where the tiles take centre stage. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your work on the project, and for producing such a beautiful set of tiles.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we found the development process very rewarding. We are very grateful for your engagement throughout, and for all your expertise.

Many thanks & best wishes


Anna Roper
Architectural Assistant

Beasley Dickson Architects

*photographer Agnese Sanvito.