Bespoke Bar Tiles for 1871 Bar

Royal Albert Hall 1871 Bar - Period Embossed Tiles

When it was time for CJC Design to choose tiles for the front of the 1871 Bar at the Royal Albert Hall, they spoke to our team at H&E Smith about Bespoke Bar Tiles.

They were keen to ensure the tile shade fitted well with the rest of the design so asked us to produce a selection of bespoke bar tiles tiles using our Period Embossed Tile Designs in a bespoke shade for this project.

The design of tiles includes two double rows of our Floral tiles and a central row of Pomegranate tiles.

They also choose Calais Maison Black Tiles for the floor area in front of the bar which add another level of detail to this sumptuous design.

I’m sure you agree, the whole finished look of the bar is simply stunning!

Click on the images to view close up.

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