White Brick Tiles

White Brick Tiles

Why are white brick tiles so popular?

There is a reason why white walls are so often used in interiors, as they throw the most light back into the room and form an excellent base for any interior design project. The problem with ordinary bare white walls are that they are so common that you simply wouldn’t notice them! While they produce bright, airy rooms, designs can quickly appear basic and uninspiring. One answer to this perennial issue is to make use of white brick tiles on walls to create interest without dominating an interior.

At H & E Smith Ltd we manufacture white brick slips and metro tiles and also flat white field tiles which both create the effect of white brick tiles, whilst being extremely hard-wearing and beautifully made.


Our brick slips continue to be extremely popular, and in particular our white glazed brick slips. These Eco-Glazed Brick Slips are manufactured at our Hanley factory from recycled Welsh slate dust. This recycled slate dust is then fired on site to create one of our best selling products, our 215x65x15mm brick slip.

These bricks slips are then glazed and re-fired to produce durable and highly decorative white brick tiles for external and internal applications. In addition to our white brick slips, H & E Smith Ltd manufacture these tiles in eighteen other standard colours as well as having the capabilities to produce tiles in any RAL colour if required. Request a sample of our white glazed brick slip to see our products for yourself.


Our Metro tiles are inspired by the London Underground Tiles we have suppled over the years. these versatile ceramic tiles is ideal for creating a traditional look of a brick wall with a nod to contemporary design trends. These glossy, bevelled white field tiles form part of our extremely popular range of Metro tiles.

These bevelled white brick tiles are extremely well suited fo use as both kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Our Metro Tiles are available in 75mm x 75mm and 150mm x 75mm sizes and incorporate a high quality bevelled edge and are an excellent tool to create a feature wall or an entire room with!


If you are looking to create a flat, white brick tile effect wall, our Period Embossed Snowdrop white field tile is an ideal choice for your project. Available in both 152mm x 76mm, 228mm x 76mm as well as our standard square 152mm x 152mm tile, Period Embossed victorian tiles are an ideal product for creating a beautiful wall. The Period Embossed range is completed by the addition of an extensive selection of solid glazed ceramic corner fittings to match the field tiles.

If you are interested in these tiles, please feel free to request a sample of our Snowdrop white field tile from H & E Smith.