Our new range of Glazed Eco Brick Slips

Eco Glazed Brick Slip

Glazed Eco Brick Slips – H & E Smith are pleased to be able to launch their new range of Eco Glazed Brick Slips. These brick slips are made by using a slate dust which is blended with local clay. The patented process is the result of a long period of development, and having completed several Showcase projects such as the Manchester Met, Byron & GBK, H & E Smith have progressed to the stage of producing a data sheet and including the Eco Glazed Brick Slip within the Ceramics section of their website. Our glazed brick slip tiles are available in 20+ colours which include vibrant hues as well as the ever popular white brick tiles .

Please click here to view the range or contact sales@hesmith.co.uk for more information.