Using Subway Tile for Design

Subway Tile

Design Possibilities with Subway Tile

Subway tile, as featured in the iconic train stations of the world is becoming an increasingly popular design tile for domestic and commercial settings outside the station. London Underground Tiles, for example, are hard wearing and versatile, evoking the heritage and style of London going back to Victorian times. At H & E Smith, we have been manufacturing tiles since 1926 and we still maintain that same tradition of quality and attention to detail we did when we first started out.

Subway tile is experiencing a design renaissance at present, and it is continuing to be an extremely popular line for us! This is due in large part to the fact that these tiles are extremely versatile, suitable not only for stations, but for kitchen and bathrooms as well! However, there is a great deal of choice and a number of ranges are available which can give the “subway tile look”, so how do you know which tiles are right ones for your requirements? You may need specific subway tiles for a train station. On the other hand, you might be interested in creating the appearance of subway tiles using either our Metro Tiles or products from our Victorian Tile range. To discuss the differences in sizes, costs and suitability between the subway tiles in these various ranges, please contact us on 01782 281617.


Since the mid 1980’s we at H & E Smith have been active in the manufacture of bespoke glazed ceramic tiles and the design of Fainze in order to refurbish a number London Underground Stations.

The London Underground Tiles we supply to architects and interior designers are exactly the same as the ones we have supplied to London Underground refurbishment projects, produced to the same dimensions as you would find in the subways and platforms of our well known stations. London Underground Subway Tiles are typically large, having a flat front, including the large brick style 9 x 3 inch format.


H & E Smith Metro tiles were inspired by the London Underground Subway Tiles we have suppled since the 1980s. These fantastic ceramic tiles are an excellent option for producing a traditional subway look with a nod to modern design tastes. One of our best selling likes of Metro Tiles are the highly versatile white brick tiles that will work with almost ant interior. Bevelled and glossy, these tiles are available in a great range of vibrant colours that really make a statement. The words “Metro Tile” and “London Underground Tile” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some subtle but distinct differences. Metro Tiles have a raised appearance, created by an edge angled bevel and and raised centre. These tiles are available in the rectangular brick like 150mm x 75mm and a square 75mm x 75mm.


If you are looking to create a flat, subway tile effect wall, but don’t require specific London Underground Tiles, our range of Victorian tiles might be just what you are looking for. These tiles are available in both 152mm x 76mm, 228mm x 76mm and a standard square 152mm x 152mm tile. Period Embossed victorian tiles are an ideal product for creating an eye catching, subway inspired wall. The Period Embossed range of Victorian tile is complemented by the inclusion of a very extensive selection of solid glazed ceramic corner fittings.

Where to use subway tiles

Interior designers are always looking for new ways to make use of established products. Taking tile ideas from the London Underground and other stations and bringing them into the home creates an interesting design variation. Subway tiles look fantastic and are equally at home in modern or period bathrooms and kitchens.

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