Why use brick slips for design?

Brick Slips - Byron Restaurant

Why should you make use of glazed brick slips for design?

With all the options available, why should you use brick slips for design? This article looks at some of the key advantages of using these products, and the how using them puts you right on trend with some of the most contemporary and eye catching interior designs.

Our ‘Eco-Glazed’ range of 215mm x 65mm x 15mm brick slips are manufactured from recycled Welsh slate giving them excellent environmental credentials. Owing to their enduring beauty, our brick slips have grown dramatically in popularity in recent years and are now widely used for both residential or commercial design or improvement.

Key Features of Brick Slips

1) They are very easy to install

Brick slips are thicker than ordinary tiles, making them a strong and solid product to work with. This makes them easy to install by any tile fitter or confident weekend DIY warrior!

2) They are available in a great colour range!

Our standard range of Eco-Glazed Brick Slips is now available in more than twenty colours, however, we can also manufacture on request any colour from the RAL selector or Pantone colour finder if required. Please contact us on 01782 281617 if you require this service.

3) They are more insulating than standard tile

An unexpected advantage of brick slips it the insulation value offered by their additional thickness. This helps make a room far more cosy than it might be with other tiled solutions making them an ideal option for a feature wall or fireplace surround.

4) They are a fantastic design tool

When coupled with design vision, brick slips can make the ordinary extraordinary. At H & E Smith we work on a frequent basis with many firms of architects and interior designers who increasingly use our products in their creative projects. Brick slips offer a creative outlet to the architects and renovators we work with, giving them the opportunity to really showcase their individual design vision.